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Szmyd & Partners is a real estate developer dealing primarily with residential and co-living projects ( PRS ) located in Poland's biggest cities.

We attach particular importance to choosing a suitable location and creating the optimal functional, quality and aesthetic parameters for our buildings. Thanks to this strategy, the buildings we create are a perfect place to live and work, and are also a guarantee of secure and effective investment for our clients.

Many years of experience of the company's founders in the field of architecture, design and production of furniture and interior design result in full commitment at every stage of the development process, which is possible thanks to a deep awareness of each of its elements.

What sets us apart from the crowd is that not only do we see our projects as a business product, but also, being architects, we have a sense of responsibility for the quality of the architecture and space that we create both for our clients and for future generations. The ability to define the needs of future residents and translate them into the function and form of architecture is the hallmark of Szmyd & Partners' development activities. With more than 25 years of experience in architectural design, we are aware that functionality and comfort of use are as important to our clients as the quality of the design itself, as well as the guarantee that the financial resources they invest in purchasing a property are well spent.

Thanks to this awareness and our experience, we can put into practice our mission of creating timeless buildings that reflect the full spectrum of our customers' expectations and needs.
In my role as a developer and architect, I have the opportunity to realise in full the vision of creating the ideal place to live in the city, a vision resulting from over 25 years of experience in architecture. Each and every time, it is a challenge to find the optimal solution for particular location conditions and conceptual assumptions. This is also a commitment towards future residents and users, which determines maximum diligence and commitment at every stage of the investment process: from the choice of location, through the design process, to the implementation stage, where we pay special attention to the quality of the work performed.

Jaromir Szmyd
Chairman of the Board Szmyd & Partners

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Jaromir Szmyd

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